$24.4 Million Grant Comes to Dallas

After a horrible winter storm last year, federal grant in the amount of $24.4 million is on the way to accommodate the losses and impacts sustained in Dallas according to a Dallas Morning News article from March 22 which reports, 

“The money is part of $2.9 billion being given by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to more than two dozen local and state governments impacted by wildfires, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters in 2020 and 2021.

The community development block grants are meant to be focused on helping the recovery of low- and moderate-income neighborhoods and improving their resilience to future disasters and climate impacts, said HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge. This includes plans that aim to restore housing and infrastructure and spark economic development.

“Communities will have greater resources and focus to ensure equitable outcomes for underserved households that too often bear the brunt of climate-related disasters,” she said in a statement. “With these funds, we are sending a strong message that equity and forward-looking mitigation are priorities of HUD and this administration’s disaster recovery work.”

Before they get the money, each jurisdiction has to create a plan explaining how the funds will be used and make it publicly available for comment for at least 30 days. HUD will then have to review and approve the plan, which could take up to a year.”

In a Facebook post, a lot of people expressed their concern with such grant especially because the funds are not managed properly. One said, 

“Hopefully the $ doesn’t go into the accounts of companies who made serious coin off the tragedy already. Those with the funds tend to pass the funds onto themselves.”

A woman likewise said, 

“Hopefully the money is Managed PROPERLY and not in peoples bank accounts”

Another expressed her doubts as she shared her thoughts,

“This will happen but still take time 1-2 years

But I don’t doubt Dallas there’s always a plan for the city of Dallas”

While distrust remains large in the public, the grant is definitely needed as the pipes around Dallas began to break and burst after the winter storm. This led to a lot of damage and losses. Certainly, it would take a lot of time and funds to repair the pipes especially because they run across the entire city and a lot of residential houses depend on them.