25-Year-Old Chef Hoppie: Cooking for DFW’s Top Athletes

Chef Hoppie, also known as Manwell McLean, is a 25-year-old chef who has gained popularity among Dallas Cowboys players and other professional athletes for his unique, home-style cooking according to a Fox 4 article. In it they say, 

“Several pro athletes including Dallas Cowboys players like Dak Prescott, Zeke Elliott and CeeDee Lamb seek out the home cooking of Manwell McLean, a man better known as Chef Hoppie. 

“I always like to say any of the recipes I cook are old school with a young twist,” he said.

Hoppie says his love of food came from family.”

Chef Hoppie incorporates diverse culinary techniques and flavors into his cooking, honed by his passion for food and global travel. He has served a diverse array of high-profile clients, including athletes, celebrities and business leaders according to a Newsbreak article which report, 

“In addition to cooking for professional athletes, Chef Hoppie also caters for events and runs a meal prep business. He believes in using fresh, high-quality ingredients in all of his dishes and says that he always tries to put a unique twist on traditional recipes. Chef Hoppie’s love of food has led him to travel around the world and learn about different cuisines, which he incorporates into his cooking. He has worked with a variety of notable clients, including athletes, celebrities, and business professionals.”

Chef Hoppie is considered part of the Cowboys team, he plans to cook for more high-profile clients like rapper Lil Baby and he is thrilled by the idea of being considered part of the team