7 Signs of a Great Orthodontist

A dental specialist or dental surgeon who is not your main care dentist is known as an orthodontist. Most people who are on top of their oral health know this. What they may not realize is that an orthodontic surgeon has completed at least two years of advanced schooling and training since graduating from dental school. During this time, the surgeon studies the procedures used to conduct orthodontics successfully in order to get the title of “orthodontist”.

Finding a dental surgeon who possesses particular good qualities ensures a positive overall experience from your treatment and can mean avoiding common orthodontic problems. Although you can quickly find one in your city or suburb, finding the right one with a reputation for excellent results is more challenging.


Orthodontic Procedures

Much like a dentist, an orthodontist is concerned with your dental health. The difference lies in the fact that they specialize in getting you straighter teeth and fixing teeth and jaw misalignment also called malocclusion. They are usually certified and licensed to perform procedures like installing different types of braces to fix overcrowded teeth, gaps, or bite problems

Orthognathic surgery, also known as corrective jaw surgery, can also be performed to correct issues in the jawbone structure. Chewing, speaking, and breathing may be made easier after these types of procedures. Successfully conducting these procedures requires a great deal of knowledge, experience, and strategies to also be complemented by the use of modern technologies and equipment and the right resources.

So before you plop yourself down on that dental chair, make sure to get the most out of your money and the experience that you’re going to get, or else you won’t get to show off those pearly whites!

Qualities to Look For in an Orthodontic Specialist

Maybe, you aren’t pleased with the orthodontic care you have received in the past, or maybe you have recently moved to the area and need a new orthodontic specialist. Reasons for choosing a good one also relate to factors such as the facilities provided, expertise, procedures and technology used, dental chair experience, patient outcomes, and costs.

By looking out for these 8 signs of a good orthodontist, you might be able to save yourself from serious orthodontic problems during treatment:

1.) They Are a Certified and Licensed Professional

Certification, licensing, and accreditation are all indicators of knowledge and academic accomplishment. They also reflect the rank of a professional with the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO), an association that sets standards of treatment for all orthodontists.


2.) They Specialize in a Specific Area

Expertise in delivering the services offered is another positive indication worthy of praise in an orthodontic practitioner. Whether it’s the installation of metal braces or InvisalignTM or the correction of malocclusions, he or she has the ability to perform countless procedures over many years in order to master the craft.

3.) They Have a Positive Attitude

This is a personality trait you can’t ignore, if it isn’t there, you know that it’s missing. Kindness, enthusiasm, and drive are all great indicators of good work ethic. A dental surgeon with this characteristic lights up the room as he or she comes in. It sets the stage for doctor-patient engagement and can disarm even the most ‘closed-out’ patient.


3.) They Are Non-Judgmental About Patient Needs

A dental surgeon spends lots of time working within your mouth. A non-judgmental person would not ask questions and offer opinions about your dental or health condition in a way that would make you feel self-conscious or embarrassed. Rather, details will be communicated with the highest respect for your feelings.


4.) They are Trustworthy

If you can put your trust in your doctor, you can easily confide in and rely on them. A doctor you can trust gives an accurate diagnosis, meets the code of ethics, and is open and honest. This allows you to put your care into their hands without fear of pain or a botched treatment. You can rest easy knowing they care about what’s best for you. 


5.) They Are Easy To Talk To 

Being both professional and passionate gives cause for a specialist to connect with every patient that walks through the door. You can see it in the manner in which they speak to the patient and how they listen to their needs. This makes it easy for the patient to disclose even confidential or embarrassing details, knowing that it will be kept in strict confidence.


6.) They Are Detail-Oriented

A detailed orthodontic specialist is acquainted with patients and might also know their names or dental conditions by heart. This skill comes from listening closely, without being concerned or disturbed at patient consultations. Procedures are often carried out by paying close attention to the most precise specifics to prevent orthodontic errors.


7.) They Have Good Reviews

Reviews can be a strong indicator of the quality and expertise of an oral surgeon. Constructive testimonials will go a long way in helping you decide if you want to consult with a particular orthodontist. Bear in mind that the written reviews do not necessarily reflect the truth of a successful orthodontist.

You need to be particular with your choice of orthodontist, as you would be with any other doctor or medical practitioner you choose. To get the smile you deserve call us here at mBrace at 469-362-682 or schedule a consultation with us here. 

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