Backyard Chicken Ordinance to be Voted

Plano City Council will be voting on an ordinance that will allow Plano residents to have backyard chickens according to a KRLD News Radio article from September 18, 

“A local group, known as “Plano Hens”, has been advocating for the change in the ordinance, and has worked with the city to come up with both a plan and the rules.

They say that many residents want to build their own chicken coop, and raise their own chickens so that they can have fresh eggs.”

Additional information regarding the proposed ordinance was provided in a Dallas Morning News article from September 15 which reports, 

“Only hens would be allowed. Roosters would be prohibited.

The ordinance isn’t finalized, but the proposed changes would require residents who want to keep backyard hens to:

  • Follow minimum square footage for coops
  • Meet building code requirements for coops
  • Meet distance requirements from neighboring buildings”

In a Facebook post, people expressed their excitement about the possibility of the ordinance being passed. One woman commented,

“I can’t wait! I’ve been wanting chickens for years and I’m getting my yard ready for them. We need positive thinking that council will pass it.”

Another expressed her praise and gratitude for the group’s effort

“Thank you for all the hard works! Can’t wait!”

So far, Plano together with Coppell prohibits the raising of chickens. In Dallas and other cities, however, there is no prohibition or limit to the number of chickens that can be raised. The Plano City Council has voted unanimously to introduce the discussion of the ordinance changes until September 27.

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