Bending Branch Winery Launches Kentucky-Inspired Bourbons

Bending Branch Winery, known for bold wines, has expanded to include bourbon, releasing four bottles under two labels, according to a Dallas Morning News article which reports,

“The Texas Hill Country winery opened in 2009 and is known for making bold wines, including tannat and picpoul blanc. In a nod to the family-owned company’s roots, Bending Branch has expanded its purview to include bourbon, and has recently released four bottles under two labels.

“My father and I have been making wine for quite a while, but we’re originally from Kentucky, so we were discussing bourbon and how it would be neat to bring that heritage to Bending Branch,” says Alison Young, the company’s president. Over the past two years, they began acquiring Kentucky bourbons to launch the new facet of their business.”

Bending Branch 1840 bourbon offers high rye and four-grain mash bill options. ChickenDuck bourbons are 100% aged on-site, according to a Whiskey Wash article. They say,

The two bourbon brand are high rye and four-grain mash bill bourbon, and ChickenDuck 100% aged on their Texas property,  according to a Whiskey Wash article. They say, 

“The first two 1840 bourbons offered from Bending Branch are a high rye bourbon and a four-grain mash bill bourbon.

The blender’s notes show the high rye bourbon to offer aromas of vanilla, orangesicle and crème brûlée with caramel and orange cordial on the palate. It clocks in at 108 proof and has a suggested retail price of $75.

The four-grain bourbon features a unique mash bill created by Bob Young. It’s a small batch blend of three barrels, bottled at barrel strength of 109 proof. The bourbon carries the taste of vanilla buttercream. Less than 600 bottles are available and it sells for $95.

ChickenDuck is the other new bourbon launch, named after two of the original chickens and ducks that roamed the vineyard managing pests and entertaining guests. ChickenDuck bourbons are 100% aged on the Bending Branch property in Comfort, Texas.”

Bending Branch winery was founded in 2009 by Bob, Brenda and Alison Young, utilizing innovative processes to improve Texas grape wine.