Birds Flock at Texas Mall

Weeks after it rained fish on a Texas Town, Frisco Stonebriar was visited by thousands of birds in a seemingly apocalyptic scenery according to an Express News article from January 8. In it they say,

“Hundreds, if not thousands, of black birds swarmed a mall parking lot in North Texas on Saturday, Jan. 8.

The bird is common across Texas and is known as the great-tailed grackle, according to the Houston Audubon. They are black with some bluish-purple iridescence and have yellow eyes and long legs and tails.

The birds congregate in large flocks and are a common sight at shopping centers and fast food restaurant parking lots, “where there’s trash for food and trees or light posts for perching,” according to the website.”

One of the witnesses who experienced the bizarre bird flocking shared her experience in a Fox KTVU article from January 10 which reports, 

Kenna Mitchell was outside Stonebriar Mall when she captured the unnerving sight of dozens of birds taking over the parking lot and their incessant squawking. 

“We went to Stonebriar Mall just after dusk and the entrance by the Cheesecake Factory was overrun with thousands of birds,” Mitchell said. 

“These grackles were perched on cars, in the trees, and swarms were everywhere you looked. Other people in the lot were just amazed at the sheer number of birds,” Mitchell continued. 

“Very loud and very gross, but still quite a sight to see! Definitely in need of a car wash now!” she added. 

While the flocking of the birds are harmless, residents were advised not to harm the birds in any sort as they are merely flocking in preparation for the upcoming winter.