Bishop Arts Sneaker Store Aims to be Neighborhood Hangout

The new Centre store in Dallas’ Bishop Arts combines premium athletic wear shopping with a sense of community, offering a unique experience, according to a CultureMap Dallas article. They say, 

“When shopping for premium brand athletic wear and shoes, you might not put “feeling a sense of community” or “joining a game of pool with friends” on your shopping list. But a new location of Centre in Dallas’ Bishop Arts aims to make customers feel like they can accomplish both.

Centre’s third retail store opened June 25 at 250 N. Bishop Ave., Ste. 140.”

Expanding from sneakers, Centre opened more locations, including one in Fort Worth and a forthcoming one in Austin. Bishop Arts’ vibrant atmosphere captivated them, leading to their new Dallas store on Bishop Avenue with its unique indoor-outdoor setup, according to a D Magazine article. They say,

“Sneakers were the store’s main selling point. But Centre quickly grew. It opened a second location in Fort Worth, Sunderman’s hometown, in 2018, and is planning another in Austin*, where Huff lives, this year. But, “the staff has been in my ear for a long time” about Bishop Arts, Sunderman says.

So, the team spent some time hanging out in the neighborhood last summer and early fall, scoping out potential retail locations and the general vibe of the area. “It’s definitely one of the coolest areas in Dallas, by far,” Sunderman says. They fell in love with one space on Bishop Avenue. It had sliding glass front doors and a back patio. They were excited by the indoor-outdoor feel.”

Centre’s expansion into Bishop Arts is met with enthusiasm and gratitude. The store’s hours are 11 am-7 pm Tuesday through Friday, 11 am-8 pm Saturday, and 12-6 pm Sunday.