Booker T. Washington Highschool Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Booker T. Washington alumni gathered outside the school to celebrate its 100th Anniversary according to a Dallas Morning News article which reports, 

“Generations of Booker T. Washington High School graduates gathered on the lawn outside the school Sunday, exactly 100 years since its doors first opened on Flora Street. 

The Booker T. Jazz Combo played as friends and old classmates greeted each other with hugs and smiles, some sporting branded T-shirts or carrying Booker T. Bulldogs tote bags. 

Inside, people looked at old yearbooks and shared stories from their teenage years. They reflected on where they came from and where they wanted to go.”

Crew members of the Music Hall at Fair Park were setting up for the centennial concert according to an NBCDFW article. They say,

“On Thursday morning, crews at the Music Hall at Fair Park were busy setting the stage for the BTW Centennial Concert. The music and dance performances will feature alumni from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. 

“Tomorrow night we are intent on telling the story of Booker T.,” 1992 Booker T. graduate Geno Young said. 

Young went on to be a musical director for 1989 Booker T. graduate Erykah Badu. On Friday, Young will be directing musical performances for the BTW Centennial Concert.”

The proud and strong school initially became an arts school and the years have been kind and permitting as it eventually became a beacon of social justice.