Braces-Friendly Food

Eating become significantly more difficult after getting braces. You have to avoid certain foods because they can get caught up in your braces, causing bacteria to grow that can corrode and discolor your teeth. That doesn’t mean all is lost, there are still a number of safe food options for you even if you have braces. 



Soft pastries such as zucchini or banana bread are perfect choices for those with braces if you have a little extra time and the right baking skills. You can add a couple of chocolate chips or raisins to make it a little more interesting! Japanese milk bread and soft dinner rolls are also good choices, they tear easily and are easily chewed. They’re unlikely to get stuck in your braces. 



Mashed potatoes, cauliflower mash, yam puree, these are all decent options to whip up in the kitchen if you’re feeling snacky and wants to avoid eating chips and crisps that can damage the wiring of braces. In the same vein, blended fruits can be made into great smoothies or smoothie bowls which are healthy and tasty snack options. 



Seriously, when prepared well, this stereotypically boring foodstuff can be just as good as, and much healthier than breakfast cereal. Cooked oatmeal with a little honey and cinnamon is a filling breakfast option. You can even top it with fruits like sliced bananas, mandarin orange slices, grapes, and blueberries. You can alsowhip up a thicker oatmeal and make the batch into some oatcakes for something a little more interesting. Oatcakes are a great substitute for starchy breakfast pancakes that are usually drowned in syrup, which is bad for your teeth. 


Although braces do place certain restrictions on your child’s diet, this doesn’t make snack time a total chore! You will have infinite fun making up healthy food into exciting new dishes that are braces-friendly so long as you know which things to avoid.


If you have more questions about what to do for your new diet after you get your braces, make an appointment with us here at mBrace. 

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