Burkman Family takes on the Great Christmas Light Fight

With Christmas just around the corner, the Great Christmas Light Fight has premiered and among the contestants is the famous family from Frisco who will put on a grand Christmas display according to a Local Profile article from November 29 which reports,

“The Burkman Holiday Home in Frisco features about 70,000 lights, Christmas music and — during more normal years — Santa and his elves. Jennifer Burkman, her husband, their sons, Jack and Alex, and Jennifer’s father build the display, which thousands of holiday revelers visit each year.

Despite a pandemic that has disrupted most everything, the Burkman family are taking their Christmas lights display to a new level.

“It was always his dream to go bigger and bigger on the Christmas display,” Jennifer says. “… I did not think this would ever happen.”

The show will award $50,000 to the winning competitors and the Burkmans have already planned where the prize will go according to a CultureMap Dallas article from November 30. In it they say, 

“The Burkmans don’t just light up their house for fun each holiday season; they use it to, quite literally, “create brighter futures” for others. The new foundation, which they hope to get up and running officially in January, will give scholarships to high school seniors pursuing any kind of secondary education, including trade schools.

They also give generously to a local organization called 29 Acres, which teaches vital skills to young people with autism. The nonprofit connects them to their roots, as they started their holiday displays more than 20 years ago when son Alex, who was autistic, developed a love of lights.

Each year, the Burkman Holiday Home adopts a family in need; this year, it’s a Frisco family whose teenage daughter, Liyana, decorates hospital rooms to make other kids’ stays a little brighter.

Viewing their light displays is free for the public. They sell special themed merchandise and welcome donations from anyone who’d like to make charitable contributions.”

The Bukmans Family will open their awaited Christmas display around 6 PM on the same night the show airs and the grand opening of it will be on December 3 (6 PM to 11 PM) until New Year’s Eve.