Carter’s House in 2021

With the 2nd year of the pandemic ending, Carter’s House remains strong and dedicated with their purpose of helping and supportive the community according to a Dallas Morning News article from December 29 which reports, 

“A small storage room at the Park South Family YMCA is stuffed with racks of everything from school uniforms, to warm coats, to undergarments. In this storage room alone, there is enough clothing for dozens of families.

This is where the South Dallas non-profit Carter’s House provides extra support for those struggling to afford the basics to fill their closets with new and used clothing.

Duncanville native Shawana Carter founded Carter’s House about nine years ago. What began as a way to provide school uniforms for teenagers, quickly grew into a clothing bank for the whole family. The organization is based in South Dallas, but serves clients all across the area, and starting in January, will expand to Irving as well.

Carter said that she created Carter’s House to help those who are not necessarily homeless, but are in-between. The median household income in South Dallas is about $30,000, which is not always enough to provide for a whole family.”

Last year, during the peak of the pandemic, actor Matthew McConaughey made an effort to reach out to Carter to personally thank her and give her something special for her effort and dedication to help the people according to a Spectrum Local News article from December 1 which observes, 

“McConaughey thanked Carter for her desire to help others, especially during a critical time such as the pandemic.

“Thanks for spending time with me today,” McConaughey told her. “I’m calling to say ‘thank you.’ Myself and Wild Turkey are shining a light on what we call local heroes and you, ma’am, are obviously one of those people.”

“Well, obviously my friends and I at Wild Turkey have heard about the wonderful work you’ve been doing in your community and how you’ve been working tirelessly over the past few months and even in the last seven years to help those around you,” he said. “And to show our thanks to you, we want to give you and your family that trip to Mexico once things are safe and clear.”

Carter’s House is frequently visited both by clients and visitors who need to log in and record what they are getting or donating.