Charging stations project for Texas

A $400 million project is on the way to develop charging stations all around Texas to accommodate electric cars and the growing problem on gasoline according to a Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas article which reports,

“A total of $7.5 billion is earmarked for construction of 500,000 chargers by 2030. Texas is set to receive more than $400 million over the next five years, the most funding of any state. This could roughly double the number of charging stations along interstates in Texas.

The new facilities will boost the number of direct-current chargers, the most powerful chargers available, which can “refill” even the largest batteries in around 30 minutes. Less-powerful chargers, while cheaper, are much slower and can require hours for a full recharge.

There are 266 charging stations with direct-current charging ports throughout the state.[1] Over 80 percent of those charging stations are in the vicinity of the Dallas–Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio metropolitan areas. The remainder are scattered across the state, primarily along interstates.”

The awarding of construction plans are set next January and a timeline of goals has already been announced over the next five years according to a Dallas Morning News article from June 23. They say, 

“During the first year of implementation, Texas plans to add around 48 new locations to satisfy the 50-mile FHWA requirement. This is in addition to 27 existing private sector locations and 26 planned locations funded by a separate grant.

The next year, the focus will turn to stations in rural counties, small urban areas and areas advised by metropolitan planning organizations.

After that, during the third through fifth year of implementation, Texas will continue building out charging infrastructure in smaller and rural areas. The report states that charging stations might be equipped with a combination of solar and battery equipment to supplement their power supplies.”

Currently, there are 129,010 electric vehicles registered all around Texas and it will increase faster when the charging stations increase.