Community Unites to Preserve Historic Como Motel

The Como Motel, operating for 67 years, was recently sold. An unknown buyer plans to purchase and redevelop the property, worrying residents and business owners about losing a historic landmark, according to a Dallas Observer article reporting, 

“The Como Motel went up for sale two weeks ago after 67 years in operation, and an unknown buyer purchased the property through a real estate broker. Several Richardson residents confirmed the motel’s purchase and the new owner’s plans for the site.

“As a resident and a business owner, it would be devastating to see the Como Motel torn down,” says musician and Beyond the Bar co-owner Reid Robinson. “It’s a rich icon, a gateway to our city, a historic landmark.””

The passionate Save The Como group, including Lindsey Sherritt and Reid Robinson of Beyond the Bar, rallies to preserve the beloved mid-century modern motel from demolition, according to a WFAA article. They say, 

“This is one of a kind. It’s cool, it’s vintage, and it still has a place and a purpose,” said Lindsey Sherritt, who is with the Save The Como group.

Sherritt told WFAA she fell in love with the mid-century modern motel the moment she set eyes on it more than 16 years ago. She said she had to do something after hearing that the the property and the motel was being threatened.

“I’ve been hearing rumbles for the last year and a half,” said Reid Robinson, who is also with the Save The Como group and the owner of Beyond the Bar, a non-alcoholic bottle shop — which even has a soda named after the Como.”

The Como Motel carries a mix of history, hosting Captain Sully Sullenberger and the infamous affair of Candy Montgomery and Allan Gore. Beyond headlines, Lindsey Sherritt and Reid Robinson emphasize its significance.