Complaints Filed Against Frisco City Council Members After Photos of Leaders Not Wearing Masks Surface

                 A Frisco resident has filed an ethics complaint against certain Frisco City Council Members after a picture of them was released showing them not abiding by mask and social distance guidelines according to a Star Local Media article from December 16th. In it they say:

“A Frisco resident has submitted a formal complaint alleging that certain Frisco City Council members have violated a statewide mandate to wear a face covering while at specific events in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The complaint calls for the removal of Mayor Jeff Cheney, Councilmen John Keating and Brian Livingston and Councilman-elect Dan Stricklin, who has not yet been officially sworn in to the Frisco City Council. The complaint cites two specific events in Frisco at which Frisco councilmen are seen in pictures on social media without face masks on.”

                 Despite the complaint, not everyone in Frisco is on-board with the action according to a Dallas Morning News article from December 21st. In it they say:

The complaint filed by attorney Martin Woodward called for the removal from office of Mayor Jeff Cheney, council members Brian Livingston and John Keating and member-elect Dan Stricklin, who were photographed at events while not wearing masks. The mayor said that in each instance they followed the requirements of the governor’s mask order and the city’s COVID-19 safety guidelines. Some Frisco residents defended the mayor and council members in Facebook comments, saying that what they do in their personal time should not be scrutinized or debated. They also argued that the job of elected officials isn’t to protect residents’ health but to ensure their constitutional rights, which some feel are being violated by government COVID-19 regulations.”

                  We’ll just have to wait and see what becomes of the complaint, and if public opinion will sway heavily in one way or another. 

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