Cookie Society Second Branch

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Cookie Society found its way to success in Frisco and 2 years later, they are looking at Addison for their second location according to a Dallas Morning News article from February 16 which reports, 

“Cookie Society is opening a new location at Village on the Parkway, and if all goes according to plan, it will be open for business by the end of March.

Co-owner Jeff Allen, who talked to The Dallas Morning News about the second location while handling an electrical issue at the site, said supply chain problems and construction delays have pushed their timeline back several times and could push it back yet again.

“I’m hesitant to even put a date on it,” Allen said. “If we can get this issue resolved, hopefully we’ll be open by late March.”

The Allens picked Addison for their second location because of the proximity to their Frisco location and the concentration of activity in the area.

“I think there will be a lot of foot traffic here,” Allen said. “People come out to hang out in this area and go to shops and restaurants, and we hope to be part of that.”

Evidently, a lot has progressed in favor of the Allens and their Cookie Society after their ultimate recipe became a hub for almost 100 flavors according to a Community Impact article from February 14 which reports, 

“In April 2020, Frisco residents found comfort at the curb of the newly opened Cookie Society, a boutique bakery made famous with its creative flavors and fun, friendly atmosphere.

“I know some people go to their favorite bakery because they’re always going to get their favorite item, but we want to provide that experience for you to find a new favorite every single time you come in.” she said. “I think that sets us apart.”

In its early days when online only, Cookie Society shipped out about 10 boxes a week to its online customers, said Jeff Allen. Now, it is sending out about 2,000 boxes a day. They have come a long way in-store, too, with more than 200 customers each day.

But the most exciting part for Marissa Allen is getting to meet Cookie Society’s customers with the storefront on Dallas Parkway. She said she has people who stop by on the same day every week. When the bakery sells cinnamon rolls on the third Sunday of every month, a line of regulars runs down the street.

Aside from their notable 100 flavors of cookies, they were also recognized by Oprah herself when the latter placed Cookie Society on her famous list of favorite things.