Crypto-Mining Frisco Kids Earn $32,000 a Month

Frisco kids, Ishaan and Aanya Thakur,  have been earning $32,000 per month by mining Ethereum according to a Newsbreak article from August 16 which states,

“An enterprising brother-sister team in a North Dallas suburb are pulling down as much as $32,000 a month by eschewing the lemonade stand and focusing instead on mining Ethereum.

With interest spurred after hearing their father talk about the rise of cryptocurrencies, the pair initially wanted to invest in crypto, but it was already too expensive, so with the help of YouTube and their father, the ninth-grader and fourth-grader learned how to mine. They’ve reinvested their earnings to buy additional equipment, signing up for supply updates (generally graphics cards) from nearby electronics stores to fight this summer’s chip shortage.”

A Dallas Morning News article from August 16 reported the siblings’ ingenious idea of saving more money by skipping the electric energy. It said,

“Ishaan and Aanya said it was important for them to use renewable energy, which costs about 12 cents per kilowatt-hour versus traditional energy that costs about 10 cents.

The difference in cost is insignificant compared to what they make, especially because mining for Ethereum is more efficient than bitcoin. Last month’s electric bill, including their home and the data center, was $2,500. A typical home electric bill in the summer is $500 for them; with mining, it increased to $850. The downtown data center electric bill was $1,650.”

The story of these two siblings is exceptional. By becoming extraordinarily resourceful and innovative during the pandemic, they’ve taken a huge leap in reaching their goal which is to fund their own college and medical school expenses.

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