Dallas’ Newest Gem in the Vibrant Harwood District

Dallas’ boutique Hotel Swexan opens in Harwood District on June 15, 2023, after five years of construction, boasting 134 rooms, according to a Dallas Morning News article which reports, 

“After five years of construction, the 134-room boutique Hotel Swexan in Dallas’ Harwood District opens June 15, 2023.

The 22-floor tower feels like a bit of a secret. The nondescript front door with no windows leads into a stylish but small foyer that doesn’t give hints as to what’s above or below.”

Dallas-based Harwood International’s flagship boutique hotel, Hôtel Swexan, combines Swiss-Texan heritage, offering top-tier service, creativity, and connections to visitors, according to a Dallas Innovates article which says, 

“The flagship boutique hotel from Dallas-based Harwood International has that unusual name for a reason. It was inspired by the idea of “Swiss meets Texan,” a nod to the company’s founders and their generations of Swiss-Texan family heritage.

“We’re thrilled to officially open this new hotel and share the next chapter of Dallas luxury with the world,” General Manager Julian Payne said in a statement celebrating the hotel’s Thursday opening. “We look forward to providing our visitors with a top-tier level of service that defines the Hôtel Swexan name, fostering connections, creativity, and showcasing what makes Dallas truly special.””

Hôtel Swexan’s lobby is still a work in progress, with plans for art installations hanging from the hooks in the ceiling. The owners’ personal art collection enriches the hotel’s ambiance.