DART Approves Allocation of Funds to Dallas

Dallas Area Rapid Transit, or Dart, will provide Dallas and other cities in North Texas $214 million for projects in public transportation according to a Dallas Morning News article. They say, 

“Dallas Area Rapid Transit will give Dallas and 12 other North Texas cities it provides bus, rail and shared-ride service $214 million for public transportation-related projects. 

It was originally proposed that $269.5 million be given back to DART member cities. But DART board members voted Tuesday to keep a portion of the money to be earmarked for future ridership improvements. This includes upgrades to the transit system’s security, reliability and cleanliness.”

The unallocated funds are from the sales tax collections which were not utilized according to a Mass Transit article which reports, 

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, DART received federal relief operating funds which the agency used according to federal guidelines for COVID-related supplies and cleaning, as well as regular operating expenses, and to replace fare revenue. As a result of these federal funds, DART did not utilize all sales tax collections. 

These offset sales tax revenues, previously unallocated, will now be distributed to the cities to be used for the public transportation system or complementary transportation system purposes which include: 

  • Special transportation services for a person who is elderly or has a disability; 
  • Medical transportation services; 
  • Assistance in street modifications as necessary to accommodate the public transportation system; and 
  • Any other service that complements the public transportation system, including providing parking garages.”

The funds will be used to build and fix sidewalks, upgrade traffic signals, build crosswalks, and support for a free ride program for students in kindergarten all the way through the 12th grade.