Deli News Frisco Originally Came from Deli News North Dallas

Before Deli News Frisco came to Frisco in 2018, it took a lot of work and effort for Rick Messinger to grasp the restaurant and its service from Deli News North Dallas according to a Community Impact article from 

Jeff Webster, general manager of Deli News Frisco, said the restaurant owner, Rick Messinger, was an avid fan of the Deli News North Dallas location.

“He was there like four days a week for years,” Webster said. “[The original owners] were talking about opening up another location, and [Messinger] was like, ‘Hey, I’d be interested in doing that.’”

In October 2018, the Frisco location opened, boasting the same New York-inspired recipes and menus as the Dallas location.

“We get everything we can from [New York]—all the specialty meats, pastrami, salami, bologna, roast beef … provolone, Swiss cheese, bagels,” Webster said. “We want it to feel like a real [New York] deli. We want it to be like what they remember having in New York.”

Their Instagram feed provides mouth-watering and beautiful shots of their wide spectrum of menu like their top seller Reuben, NY Roast Beef and Jewish Brisket. Their Instagram also posts videos of their different foods and desserts.  

Their Facebook page has been racking up great reviews from satisfied customers who can only leave their praise and delight in comments. One refreshingly said, 

“Lets start with the Staff. Unbelievably the best service I have ever received bar none!!!  Outstanding food that is fresh and delicately handled

The owner is very fortunate to have a cohesive team. Other delis should emulate the folks and teamwork here.”

Another customer took note of their pastrami, 

“Amazing food!! I’m a pastrami snob and this was probably the best sandwich I’ve ever had. Cant wait to go back!! Great service and knowledgeable staff!!”

One also said in amazement,

“Delicious, authentic sandwiches and you never leave hungry. Fish is flown in from NYC and is the real deal!”

And one man took joy in finding Deli News in his neighborhood,

“Grateful to have found this restaurant in my area, a new obsession!  Reminds me of my Ukrainian family, different dishes but a close wheelhouse. Dinner we had delivered last night was amazing!”

Verily, Deli News Frisco is a bakery, a deli and a caterer all at the same time. The owner, staff and the customers see it more than just a restaurant as it is also an incredible experience of New York.