DFW and Arlington Airports Receive Grants

DFW Airport will receive a grant amounting to $35 Million from the government to cover the costs of a zero-carbon plant according to a Dallas Morning News article from July 7. They say,

“DFW International Airport will get $35 million from the federal government to cover some of the costs of a new zero-carbon power plant, part of an effort to cut the airport’s greenhouse emissions and hit ambitious environmental goals.

The $35 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration is part of the latest round of money coming to airports from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill passed in the fall. The Biden administration is set to announce about $1 billion in grants Thursday to airports across the country.”

Arlington airport,on the other hand, will receive $540,000 from the federal infrastructure package according to a Dallas Morning News article from July 15. They report,

“Arlington Municipal Airport will receive $540,000 from the bipartisan federal infrastructure law, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced this month.

Arlington’s airport will replace outdated HVAC systems with more reliable, energy efficient units, airport manager Trent Ballard said in a news release.”

The aim of the grants to airports nationwide is to make energy more efficient, expand capacity, and provide greater accessibility to people with disabilities.