Food For Your Teeth

A lot of different aspects of your health are more interrelated than you think. Some studies show links between your jaw alignment and sleep apnea, poor dental hygiene can cause the growth of tonsil stones, and there’s even a growing amount of scientific literature exploring the connection between your oral health and gastrointestinal problems. Even your diet can affect your dental health. Here are a few foods you can incorporate into your meals for better dental health. 


Milk is a great source of calcium, which strengthens your bones and teeth. Aside from that, two components in milk, lactic acid and casein may be able to aid in lightening your teeth. Lactic acid also increases saliva intake, which can help reduce the growth of bacteria that can discolor your teeth while casein is also helpful against plaque buildup and helps heal cavities. Adding milk to your tea and coffee is a good way to prevent them from staining your teeth. 

These two components can also be found in other dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and cream. 

Fruits and Vegetables 

People with braces may think twice before consuming some fruits and vegetables, but by eating more fruits and veggies, you can guarantee better overall health, and yes, that includes your teeth. You should also look into specific fruits and vegetables and what they can do for your teeth. Watermelon, for example, contains malic acid, a substance that may whiten your teeth. Fibrous fruits and vegetables in general are a safe choice because when you bite into them, the fibers brush against your teeth in a way not unlike that of a toothbrush. 


Anyone with braces or Invisalign will probably know this already, but staying hydrated is important. When you drink water, you rinse out your mouth and prevent any harmful bacteria from settling in. More than that, it’s great for avoiding dry mouth, and it’s just generally good for your wellbeing to stay hydrated. 

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