Food To Eat For Whiter Teeth

Everyone wants white teeth, and getting white teeth is relatively easy. If you practice proper dental care, that’s brushing, flossing, having regular dental check-ups, chances are, your teeth are fine. Now, as with a lot of daily activities, braces can complicate things. When you wear braces, a sizeable portion of your teeth is obstructed by wires, brackets, and hinges. This means that when you brush your teeth, your toothbrush isn’t getting the full surface area of your teeth. That doesn’t mean that you aren’t cleaning your teeth well, it just means that you just need to take a few extra steps to make sure that all parts of your teeth are cleaned well. One way to do that is by maintaining a diet that’s braces-friendly. Here are a few foods that are great for getting whiter teeth. 


Even if kids dread the stuff, this vegetable is rich in iron, a substance that can mitigate teeth staining caused by acid corrosion. Incorporating broccoli into your diet isn’t just good for your health, it’s good for your teeth too! 


Cheese is rich in calcium, an essential for promoting better bone health and for keeping the enamel of your teeth strong and healthy. To be honest, this fact is true for all dairy products, so apart from eating more cheese, stocking up on milk and yogurt isn’t a bad idea either. 


While the popular idiom has attested to the apple’s ability to keep the doctor away, an orthodontist also won’t be telling you to avoid them. The texture of the fruit acts as a sort of scrapper for teeth staining, making your teeth appear whiter. Naturally, this applies to the uncooked fruit, so stewed or baked apples in pies and desserts won’t have that sponge-like ability to wipe off stains, so eat your apples uncooked. 


This berry is rich in a substance called malic acid which essentially whitens your teeth. Malic acid is a natural acid that removes tooth staining. If apples are kind of like scrubbers, think of the malic acid in strawberry as the cleaning solution. 

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