Former Disney Imagineer Partners with Frisco Students for Mural Project

           Timmy Britt, a former Disney “Imagineer” or animation artist, is embarking on a project in partnership with the Language Lab here in Frisco. Dallas news published a short piece on the story last October 29th, in it they say: 

Timmy Britt, who is also a former Disney Imagineer, and his team are painting murals on the walls of the Language Lab Academy in Frisco. Each mural is a tribute to a different country, with murals for Italy, Japan, Spain and more, according to the Frisco Arts Foundation.”

           The people at the Language Lab are also calling for local Frisco art students to come over and paint alongside the artist and his team as they work on the murals according to an article published by the Dallas Morning News on October 29th, in it they say:

The Frisco Arts Foundation is encouraging student artists to stop by the academy and paint alongside Britt and his team. Students can also gain volunteer hours by helping at the academy. Those interested can stop by the Language Lab Academy at 9560 Legacy Drive, suite 270, to visit and start the volunteering process.”

            Any budding young Frisco artists who want the opportunity to work  with a former Disney artist should drop by the Language Lab. You can also check out the language courses offered at the Language Lab if you are so inclined. 

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