Fort Worth BBQ Joint Blends Texas and Pakistani Flavors

Sabar Barbecue, a new food truck in Fort Worth, blends classic BBQ with Pakistani cuisine, opening initially on Saturdays from 11 am-3 pm at 194 Bryan Ave, according to a CultureMap Fort Worth article. In it they say,

“Fort Worth’s barbecue scene is about to see an exciting expansion in more ways than one with the arrival of Sabar Barbecue, a food truck that’s opening at 194 Bryan Ave., at the corner of Main and Vickery.

The truck will open on November 18, starting out on Saturdays only, from 11 am-3 pm, and eventually opening more days down the road.

Sabar is not only a new arrival, it’ll take an innovative approach to the genre by combining classic BBQ with Pakistani cuisine.” 

Sabar, opening in November 2023, uniquely blends Pakistani spices like coriander and cardamom with Texas BBQ, offering raita instead of traditional sauce for a cultural dining experience, according to a Dallas Morning News article. As per the report,

“Sabar, which first opened in November 2023, is starting much smaller, with a single pitmaster who says using coriander, kashmiri chili powder, cloves, cardamom and amchoor powder on smoked meat — and serving raita instead of barbecue sauce — is his way of combining Pakistani flavors with traditional low-and-slow Texas barbecue techniques. Sabar is more than a fusion of ingredients, however: It is a beautiful expression of culture, best enjoyed on a picnic table in the Fort Worth sun.”

Sabar Barbecue’s royal blue food truck is parked at 194 Bryan Ave., Fort Worth, open Saturdays from 11 a.m. until sold out.