Frisco Baker Competing in Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship

            If you tuned in to watch Season 7 of the Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship then you likely noticed a Frisco native among the slew of competitors. If you go to the Food Network’s website you’ll find Frisco native Kess Eshun’s brief bio. It reads: 

Kess is a pastry chef, bakery owner and the mother of three boys. Kess wants to win the Holiday Baking Championship and prove to her kids that you should always chase your dreams.” 

          In a Distractify article on the show published on November 13th, it’s said that the show experienced some minor changes to abide by safety guidelines in the time of Covid. It reads: 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the Food Network’s shows have had to retool the format of their shows and adopt stricter safety measures in order to keep its contestants and crew members safe.”

            In a Fansided article published on November 9th, a breakdown of the championship premiere is detailed. Kess gets some positive reviews. The article reads: 

“The top two bakers, Kess and Megan, succeeded in both flavor and decoration. Kess made an apple cinnamon quick bread that made all the judges swoon. It had amazing texture and the apple and cinnamon were well balanced.” 

          We wish this Frisco native all the best in this season’s Holiday Baking Championship from the Food Network! 

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