Frisco Braces for Omicron

Two cases of the Omicron variant have been reported by a Frisco Laboratory but it’s not too late as the community can still prepare for its possible surge to a Time News Express article from  December 9 which reports,

“The two cases involve a 35-year-old and 40-year-old.

Neither patient has a history of recent travel or history of underlying health conditions.

The 40-year-old reported a fever and cough for a couple of days.

The 35-year old reported no symptoms, but had exposure to someone who was sick.

Both patients received the Pfizer vaccine, but neither got a third dose.”

Despite the two positive cases, doctors and experts are confident and optimistic that that new virus can be battled with proper precautions and discipline according to a WFAA article from December 9 which observes, 

“Health experts say that while there’s limited information about the omicron variant, it’s still important to observe safe COVID protocols.

“If you get a booster, you increase your antibodies, which may help with omicron, clearly helped with delta,” said Dr. David Winter of Baylor Scott & White. “So if you haven’t gotten a booster, get that. If you haven’t gotten the vaccine, now is the time to reconsider.”

In addition to wearing a face mask, avoiding crowds and improving ventilation, testing is another protective step. That’s recommended for anyone who has COVID-19 symptoms or was potentially exposed to the virus. But it also could help ensure safety before holiday gatherings, even if everyone attending has been vaccinated.”

At present, research and studies are being conducted by many experts especially by the WHO which was able to confirm its existence back in November 24. Despite it being the latest strain of the COVID-19 virus, it’s effect and consequence on the people is far from the Delta Variant which ravaged the world community.