Frisco Community Awareness Night

The Community Awareness Night is already set this weekend with additional reminders to follow Covid-19 protocols according to a Dallas Morning News article from August 5. In it they say:

“Frisco is bringing back its annual citywide block party for residents to gather with neighbors and nearby friends after canceling last year’s event as a result of the pandemic.

Any neighborhood or community can participate in the block part but must register online by Saturday evening. Additionally, they can request a visit from Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney, a local police officer or firefighter, or a city council member.”

An article on Frisco Police Department’s website posted the brief history of Community Awareness Night,

“In 2013, Frisco CAN was launched as a local version of National Night Out. During this event, our residents are encouraged to host block parties and similar get-togethers, using them to get to know each other better, all the while making their neighborhoods safer.”

However, some people are wary of the idea of a block party in the midst of a Covid-19 resurge. A man tweeted a reply on the Dallas Morning News article,

“Sure. That will slow down the Delta variant’s spread.”

Another tweeted,

“What I read: Frisco is bringing back potentially more Delta Variant cases next weekend.”

The Frisco Police Department provided the block party’s form where several guidelines were laid out to help people prepare for their block party. Provided that,

“Time for the party should be limited to 3 hours.

You must include an estimate of the number of attendees.

Only cones may be used to block streets and they may be picked up from public works.
Please be aware that all City of Frisco Ordinances and current State Mandates shall be enforced. Subjects shall comply with CDC, State and Local Guidelines related to Covid-19.”

While the intention of Frisco’s annual CAN is to connect and make the neighborhood safer, it is still advisable to follow the guidelines and protocols related to Covid-19 as there is indeed a growing situation with the number of Covid-19 cases.

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