Frisco ISD Updates

                     The possibility of online learning continuing for some students even after the pandemic is being considered by the Frisco ISD according to a Community Impact article from December 15th. In it they say:

“FISD Government Affairs Coordinator Megan DeWolfe said at a Dec. 3 special board meeting that the district was discussing online learning as a future offering even before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted in-person learning. The district was eyeing Senate Bill 1455, which was proposed in the last Texas legislative session with the goal of expanding virtual learning options, but it did not pass. FISD has an opportunity to benefit students who have unique life circumstances, DeWolfe said. These students may include elite athletes, students receiving inpatient and outpatient services, and students who simply prefer the flexibility of online learning and thrive in virtual settings. Students who are physically absent for long periods of time have to unenroll, even if it is for a few weeks to visit family in another country or to train for elite sports, DeWolfe said.”

                   In the meantime, roughly half of all Frisco ISD students are expected to return to physical classes this January, with some campuses forced to work at 75% capacity because of it according to a different Community Impact article from December 21st. In it they say: 

“Approximately 55.14% of Frisco ISD students will return in person in the third nine-week grading period—and some campuses will have over 75% back on campus, according to district data. During the second nine-week grading period, 52.5% of Frisco ISD students attended in-person courses. In November, during the learning environment change window, an additional 18 early-childhood school students, 859 elementary students, 570 middle school students and 642 high school students in Frisco ISD opted to leave behind the Zoom classroom beginning in January to attend their courses in person. At the start of the 2020-21 school year, around 45% of FISD students opted to learn face to face for the first nine weeks.”

                   So, let’s see what the Frisco ISD leadership decides to do with the distance learning set-up that the city already has. 


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