Frisco ISD’s New Offers: Full Online and Hybrid

Frisco ISD recently announced that their students will be now be given an option of full online or hybrid for them to attend their classes according to a Star Local Media article from November 1 which says, 

“Frisco ISD high school students will be able to attend school fully online or in a hybrid fashion as soon as next school year, the district announced Monday.

FISD has announced the introduction of FISD+, an online schooling option for high school students. The announcement comes after the passage of Texas Senate Bill 15, which allows school districts to receive funding for students who attend local remote learning programs through Sept. 1, 2023.

The district has said students who participate in the program will learn at home from an FISD educator and curriculum “in an online setting that meets and exceeds the Texas Education Agency standards.” The district has stated that teachers will not instruct both on-campus and online students at the same time.”

Further details regarding the hybrid program and full online program were provided and discussed in a Dallas Morning News article from November 1 which reports, 

“The hybrid program will allow high school students to take classes online and on campus. Students will take four “core” classes — English, math, science and social studies — online and will go to campus for all other classes. Hybrid students are eligible to participate in UIL activities, fine arts, athletics and CTE programs, according to the district statement.

The full-time online program for high school students will allow students to take all classes online. The district said that students will need to go to campus from time to time for science labs and to pick up required course materials. Online students will not be able to participate in UIL-based activities and competitions.”

However, this new offers by Frisco ISD raised many questions and inquiries from both students and parents in a Facebook post from November 2. One commented, 

“Does this mean you are creating an additional HS? Frisco Virtual High? All students participating in virtual should compete with one another for the purposes of GPA and class rank and not be part of a brick and mortar campus. The programs are not apples to apples. This will also influence enrollment at your campuses and therefore should render your current rezoning plans void or at least cause you to go back to the table. Thanks!”

Another asked, 

“What would be the biggest motive or benefit to online/hybrid learning?”

Another woman asked in relation to the zoning,

“So are you going to wait to rezone all of the students this year due to these new enrollment numbers?”

Another woman also asked, 

“Will they be able to participate in sports or extracurricular activities? If so, will it be based on the school they are zoned for?”

Another man posted another interesting question,

“Will the online virtual classes have their own dedicated teachers? Or will they be sharing teachers who are teaching in person classrooms as well?”

While the Frisco ISD has been replying to most of the questions posted by the parents and students, they are planning to host two webinars to address said questions and concerns and to further inform the students and parents about the programs.