Frisco May Regulate Short-Term Rentals

Frisco may soon begin regulating short-term rentals according to a Community Impact article from May 18th. In it they say:

“The city of Frisco is considering whether to regulate short-term rentals to address a small number of problem properties and better track what could become a growing industry.

Frisco City Council discussed the elements of a possible ordinance during a work session on May 18. City staff is expected to present a draft ordinance for consideration at a council meeting in late June or early July.

Short-term rentals, which are often made available through online services such as Airbnb, are lodgings offered for rent for fewer than 30 calendar days at a time. The short-term rental could be an entire house or a private room with space shared with other occupants.”

Short-term rentals may be treated as something closer to hotels if the ordinance is passed according to a Star Local Media article from May 26th. In it they say: 

“The Frisco City Council is slated to consider approving an ordinance that would create regulations for short-term rentals in the city.

If passed, the ordinance would require short-term rentals to have an annual $300 permit, to pay hotel occupancy taxes and to provide a “guest safety brochure” that would include information like parking restrictions, trash schedules and quiet hours.

The ordinance draft, presented during a work session to the City Council on May 18, would include that STRs must have a 24-hour point of contact who can respond to complaints within an hour.”

Short-term rental websites and apps are commonplace nowadays with many people opting for an Airbnb over a hotel when traveling. It’s not yet clear what sort of impacts these possible regulations will have on the industry long-term. 

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