Frisco’s Shop Local Campaign Supports Local Businesses Affected by Pandemic

Frisco is changing up it’s “Love Frisco, Shop Frisco” campaign to focus on helping businesses impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic according to a Summit Daily article published on November 25th. In it they say:

Officials are revamping the Love Frisco, Shop Frisco campaign this winter to help support local businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The campaign has relaunched under the title Love Frisco, Winter Frisco, allowing community members to purchase gift cards usable at participating stores and restaurants in town as well as receive a bonus card as an extra incentive to shop locally this holiday season.”

          The program mirrors a summer e-gift card program, the remaining funds of which were used for this winter program according to a CBS 4 article published on November 23rd. In it they say: 

After your purchase, the town will match it with a 33% bonus gift card and cover all e-gift card fees. The maximum match for this deal is $125 in bonus gift cards.”

           If you’re looking to do some shopping for  Christmas with a little bit of a charitable component, this event is for you.  

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