Frisco Senior Living Guide

                 If you’re thinking about retiring in Frisco, you may be thinking about what life is like in the city for seniors. Frisco has a number of senior living facilities in all sorts of places like Timber Ridge Drive, Wade Blvd., Cedar Creek Trail, and more. A Community Impact article from December 26th featured a list of different memory care and assisted living facilities in Frisco. It states;

“As the number of senior adults nationwide and in the Frisco area continues to grow, so does demand for residential options. The following list is not comprehensive.”

  If you’re not interested in senior and assisted living, but are interested in learning about perks available for Frisco residents in their golden years, a Community Impact article from December 26th lists a number of benefits, from college course discounts to transportation discounts! 

“The Denton County Transportation Authority offers an on-demand service throughout Frisco for seniors age 65 and older as well as for those with disabilities and Medicare cardholders. Seniors get fares for one-way local trips for $3 and out-way regional trips for $5. 1955 Lakeway Drive, Ste. 260, Lewisville 940-243-0077.”

                So whether you’re a Frisco resident planning for your retirement, or if you’re someone out of the city thinking of making a long-term move, if you’re planning on spending your golden years here, you won’t be disappointed. 

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