Frisco’s Battle for Better Cell Coverage Pays Off

         Frisco has been clamoring for better cell service in the area since last year according to a Summit Daily article from August 2020. In it they say:

“Officials are doing their best to influence the major cell carrier AT&T to address concerns of poor service in town, according to Frisco’s Marketing and Communication’s Director Vanessa Agee.

Agee said community members began raising concern’s about the carrier’s service over the past month, and the town is doing what it can to help address the issue.”

Now it seems that their service provide is acting on the request according to another January 18th article from January 2021. In it they say:

“Frisco residents who use AT&T soon will have improved cell service thanks to the council’s unanimous approval of a lease agreement made between the company and the town.

At a Frisco Town Council meeting Tuesday, Jan. 12, all of the council’s seven members except for Melissa Sherburne, who was absent from the meeting, approved of the lease agreement, which allows AT&T to install four new antennas on buildings in town.”

The new antennas will guarantee stronger, faster, and more consistent service in Frisco. 

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