Frisco’s Complexity Gaming now with Lenovo

Lenovo Legion Esports Center which resides at The Star in Frisco has partnered with Complexity Gaming to help boost competitive gaming in Esports according to a BusinessWire article from March 28. They say, 

“Complexity Gaming, a GameSquare Esports company and one of North America’s longest-standing esports organizations, announced a multi-year sponsorship agreement with Lenovo, making the company the exclusive desktop and laptop PC provider. Complexity’s Frisco-based headquarters will now be named the Lenovo Legion Esports Center, and the Lenovo logo will be featured on Complexity’s official jerseys.

Over the coming years, Lenovo will support Complexity’s pursuit to enhance player performance and improve the industry standard for player care. Lenovo’s technology will enable Complexity content creators and production teams to produce a diverse catalog of work, including animation and 3D content.

The Lenovo Legion Esports Center is located at The Star in Frisco, Texas, which is also home to the Dallas Cowboys’ headquarters. The 11,000-square-foot Center houses cutting-edge performance training facilities – including recovery, wellness, and mental health amenities – to support the holistic wellbeing of Complexity athletes and streamers, Complexity management offices, and public space.”

Justin Kenna of GameSquare Esports expressed his delight and excitement for the partnership as he points out the growing number of people, communities and organizations joining and enjoying competitive esports according to a DMagazine article from April 1. They say, 

“Lenovo’s technology will enable Complexity’s content creators and production teams to push creative boundaries and produce tech-forward content—from animation to 3D content—to engage audiences in North Texas and across the globe,” Justin Kenna, CEO of GameSquare Esports, Complexity’s parent company, said.

North Texas is becoming an esports hub—one of the reasons Kenna has planted his flag here. “The presence of [numerous] esports organizations in North Texas has established a community of passionate fans and brought premier esports events and competitions to the area,” he said. “As consumption habits shift from linear to interactive, there’s also increased investment in the space from key traditional sports stakeholders in Dallas. Both headquarters for Complexity and the Dallas Cowboys are located at The Star in Frisco, making for seamless coordination and integration between our organizations. Just as the Cowboys have built lasting relationships with fans around the world, Complexity is creating a Texas-bred multi-generational digital sports franchise with global influence.

Kenna is also hoping the partnership will help spur further company growth. GameSquare reported approximately CAD $12 million year-to-date earnings in 2021. “Through organic growth, we anticipate GameSquare to more than double that, reaching CAD $28 million by the end of 2022.”

Complexity Gaming is partly owned by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones as well as real estate icon of Dallas-Fort WOrth John Goff.