Frisco’s Drone Deliveries

A new mode of door to door delivery for retail and food will soon be implemented in Frisco according to a Community Impact article from October 20 which says,  

Drone-based delivery company Wing, a subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet, announced on Oct. 20 a partnership with Walgreens to bring the unconventional delivery model to densely populated metropolitan areas in the country. The first operation will soon be set up at an unspecified, Dallas-Fort Worth area Walgreens store in its parking lot, and will serve parts of Frisco and Little Elm.

“The aircraft will arrive in small containers that serve as tiny hangars, allowing each store to quickly and easily deploy a small, dedicated fleet from its parking lot, on its roof or in small spaces adjacent to the building,” a news release from Wing said.

In addition, Wing announced a partnership with Hillwood to prepare a separate drone delivery facility within the mixed-use development Frisco Station. Wing said it will work with Hillwood to deploy a delivery facility at Frisco Station that will have the usual delivery capabilities and will also explore new use cases and hold community demonstrations and school field trips.

Recently, Wing gave out additional details and entertained questions, concerns and inquiries of Frisco residents regarding the air travel delivery service according to a Community Impact article from October 28. They say, 

The subsidiary of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, held a town hall on Oct. 28 at the George A. Purefoy Municipal Center. More details were shared on Wing’s delivery drones about a week after the company announced its entry into Frisco, and questions were fielded from area residents. No service start date was announced.

Styrofoam drones airlifted by 12 propellers each will soon deliver roughly 100 different over-the-counter items from Walgreens to single-family homes in Frisco and Little Elm. A fleet of six drones will “nest” at a west Frisco-area Walgreens on Eldorado Parkway, according to Jacob Demmitt, Wing marketing and communications manager.

Select Frisco and Little Elm residents will be able to download the Wing app on both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store for service, Demmitt said. Employees at the Frisco-area Walgreens will load non-prescription medicine, food items, toys and more onto the drones. The delivery units will cruise about 150 feet above ground at a speed of around 65 miles per hour, generating noise “equivalent to a conversation.”

While many are still speculative and doubtful of the drones’ capabilities to adjust and many are still concerned about Wing’s failsafe plans, Wings reiterated that the drones are designed to adjust to any conditions and it is even weighed about less than 10 pounds to minimize injury should they crash to a person or object.