Frisco’s State-of-the-Art PGA

A sneak peek of the Frisco’s grand and brand new PGA has been released and it unveiled a massive state-of-the-art building with different features and designs according to a Dallas Morning News article from November 12 which reports, 

The new headquarters in Frisco will be far more than just executive offices, though. There will be a number of on-site, indoor training elements inside, too. Those features include a massive indoor bunker, a state-of-the-art golf education center with indoor/outdoor hitting bays and plenty of instructional technology designed to measure all elements of a golf swing. There will also be a full green-screen studio for employees to create and produce video content.

“It’s going to offer us some things that we just couldn’t do outside,” said Dawes Marlatt, the PGA of America’s Senior Director of Education and Employment.

The adjacent Omni PGA Frisco Resort, another major element of the 600-acre, $500 million property, isn’t quite as far along in the construction process. Once completed, that facility will have more than 500 guest rooms, plus indoor and outdoor meeting space as well as restaurants and shops. It will feed into some of the unique golf-centric elements of the PGA headquarters, including a nearly two-acre putting green called “The Dance Floor” and fully lit, 10-hole short course called “The Swing.” Organizers hope both of those features can be selling points to get casual golfers out to learn more about the game and hone their skills.

One of the most planned areas of the PGA’s entire project is its first floor where different developments for future activities, seminars and entertainment will be situated in according to a Dallas Business Journal article from November 11 which reports, 

“The first floor of the PGA of America headquarters has an education center that will be used to train, certify and develop the nearly 28,000 PGA members who work across the country. That training will all be done in the facility in Frisco.

The building will have an indoor component that will allow members to learn more about putting, pitch and chip shots and other aspects of the short game of golf that weren’t possible at the organization’s previous facility in south Florida.

The first floor also includes three giant seminar rooms for education and a full green screen studio for the PGA to produce content.

The building features a giant staircase dubbed the “Grand Stands,” designed with interaction in mind.”

Several photos which showcased the grand development plan of PGA were tweeted on November 13. The first photo reveals the PGA’s entrance lobby with a grand and inviting reception. The second photo is the PGA’s relaxing balcony overlooking the already finished golf course. 

While the PGA is still in progress, the golf courses contemplating the headquarters are already finished and ready for accommodation. All that is left is the vertical construction, building and development of the PGA.