Great American Hero gets its own hero

After Dominick Oliverie announced the sandwich restaurant’s closure as he opted for retirement, two investors jumps to reopen the Great American Hero according to a Dallas Observer article from January 3 which reports, 

“Jacob Cox and Danny Wilson are the men responsible for the revival. They will reopen the colorful shop on Lemmon Avenue on Jan. 10. Oliverie said he couldn’t have picked a better duo to pick up where he is leaving off.

“They’re really nice people,” Oliverie says. “They’re into the business. They’re young like I was. I started when I was 27, but they remind me of me. They’re out there looking for a way to make a difference in the world.”

Cox and Wilson aren’t newcomers to the food and hospitality world. They have run several concepts in Deep Ellum, including Rocket Fizz Soda Pop Candy Shop, The Pharmacy, Select Start Arcade & Bar and Pop Culture DTX, among others.

Cox says that the idea to buy The Great American Hero brand came to him when he and Caroline Perini, who owns Easy Slider, had lunch there soon after Oliverie announced the closing. He returned to get a sandwich every day for 30 days, slowly building a relationship with Oliverie.”

As for Dominick, he agreed to sell everything to the two men as he placed his trust that they will take the restaurant further than he did according to a WFAA article from January 6 which says,  

“Oliverie sold the land, and the cost of the lease will be too expensive to keep Great American Hero at the Lemmon location, but the plan is to take the business elsewhere.

Oliverie is happy to see the name and business live-on.

“I’m really proud of them. They’re going to make some changes to make it work better for them,” he said. “I told them I’m a phone call away, and if they need any type of support in any type of way, except for getting me behind the counter, I am there for them.”

Oliverie said he looks forward to watching it grow.

“They got a good plan, it’s a 2020 plan instead of a 1975 plan,” he said. “I’d like to see them take it to the highest point that they can.” 

Both Cox and Wilson already agreed to keep the entire menu as they believed that it is the menu that made an appeal to the people. However, they will be updating the point-of-sale system as opposed to Oliverie’s cash register system.