Haidilao Hot Pot Makes Its Way To Frisco

Famous Chinese hotpot chain Haidilao is opening its doors to Frisco according to an Eater article from April 19th. In it they say: 

“After months of waiting, Dallas-Fort Worth diners can now officially score one of the world’s fanciest hot pot experiences at the brand new Haidilao Hot Pot, now open in Frisco.

As previously reported by Eater, Haidilao was expected to open its doors at 9244 Prestmont Place, inside the Frisco Oasis development, back in March, but it quietly arrived over the weekend. Local hot pot enthusiast Ivy Chan tells Eater that she was keeping tabs on the restaurant’s opening, calling multiple times over the last couple of weeks to find out whether or not Haidilao was ready to serve diners just yet. On Sunday, she got lucky.”

Haidilao is an icon of  Chinese hotpot according to an Eater article from February 2nd. In it they say:

“HaiDiLao takes the hot pot experience seriously, offering diners drinks and snacks while they wait for their tables, along with hair ties and plastic bags to keep phones from getting damaged with splatters of broth. The chain also boasts its own unique ventilation system, which helps keep ‘lingering hot pot smells’ out of the restaurant and, most importantly, from sticking to diners’s clothes.”

From the food to the ventilation system, Haidilao Frisco is ready and her to stay. 

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