How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree in Frisco

          With Christmas done, and 2021 here, you may be ready to get rid of your Christmas tree. Trees can either be dropped off or picked up according to a Dallas Morning News article from December 22nd. In it they say:


Richardson residents are invited to turn their Christmas trees into mulch and compost through the city’s ‘tree cycling’ program. Trees may be dropped off at the Municipal Service Center, 1260 Columbia Drive. The site is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is accepting trees through Feb. 1. Trees may also be picked up through the city’s brush and bulky item collection program by calling 972-744-4111 and then setting the tree at your front curb.”


           Just remember that trees have to be in the right condition for either pick-up or drop-off. They shouldn’t be artificial, plastic trees, and all ornaments like tinsel, lights, and stands should be removed. A Community Impact article from December 24th outlines a to-do list to complete quite well, and includes an alternate number to call in for a different tree disposal service. In it they say: 

Frisco residents have curbside holiday tree recycling at their disposal. The city will collect and recycle trees into compost and mulch, according to the Frisco website.

Trees should comply with these guidelines, the city stipulates on its website:

  • Trees must be no more than 4 feet in length or 60 pounds each, and should not be cut into sections.
  • Do not cover trees with a plastic bag.
  • Place trees out on regular trash/recycling collection days at the edge of the property and at least 3 feet from carts.
  • Remove supports (metal and wood), electrical wiring, lights, tinsel, ornaments and all other decorations.
  • Flocked trees are not accepted, as they are sprayed with a chemical to look like they are covered with snow. That chemical prevents composting of these trees. Residents can call Frisco Environmental Services to schedule a bulk pickup to remove flocked trees at 972-292-5900.”

          Although the city won’t be taking plastic trees, and as bad as plastic is for the environment, maybe getting a plastic tree next year, and reusing it over and over again may be an option for you to avoid organic tree disposal. After all, plastic doesn’t biodegrade easily, so storing it, and reusing it every year may appeal more to some. 

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