La Hacienda Ranch is back in Frisco

After a kitchen fire rendered the restaurant’s services unavailable, La Hacienda Ranch is finally back to serve Texans again and this time, according to Elizabeth Horton, with newer designs in the restaurant as reported in a Frisco Enterprise article from May 2. They say, 

“On July 27, a small fire forced a closure of the restaurant, and the location closed for repairs, upgrades and remodeling. Changes include getting a brand new kitchen, new plumbing, air conditioning units and soda machines, Horton said.  

“Most of the dining areas we kept traditional because we didn’t want (guests) to come in and be like ‘This doesn’t even feel like home,'” Horton said, “because a lot of people, they’ve been coming here since we opened, so 25-plus years.” 

One of the location’s popular rooms, “Papa’s Room,” did get an upgrade after pipes burst in the area during a winter weather event. The room’s floor and ceiling were redone, and the mural was touched up, Horton said.  

The restaurant’s outdoor patio, which formerly had gravel, now has a flagstone flooring with three new trees.”

What makes the opening special and heart-felt is their customers’ support as well as the community’s positive response as seen in the comments in a Facebook post. One said,

“So happy about this!!!”

One jokingly but excitedly commented, 

“Your supposed to keep it a secret so when I try to go it’s not a long wait

Haha jk. But definitely plan to go soon !!!”

Another said,

“Oh thank goodness! I’m 3 months behind for my birthday margarita!”

Another happily commented,

“This is the best news I’ve heard all year!”

La Hacienda Ranch of Frisco will be celebrating their 29th year this coming November but this year will be special as they celebrate with a brand new fire hydrant for their kitchen.