Louis Vuitton at Perot Museum

A fashion show and shopping event is on its way to the grand and state of the art Perot Museum and it will be featuring Louis Vuitton items according to an Audacy article which reports,  

“DFW is full of great architecture, but for many no building design can top that of the Perot Museum. Apparently Louis Vuitton agrees, as the luxury designer selected the museum due to its design for an event they will hold in DFW later this month.

On November 15, Louis Vuitton will take over the Perot Museum in downtown Dallas for a fashion show and shopping event featuring the line that debuted back in May.

The event will kick off at 10 A.M. with a fashion show, followed by another at 3 P.M. and then the shopping begins.” 

This peculiar two-fold event is expected to accommodate 200 people and these guests are lucky enough to witness an unorthodox atmosphere set in the museum according to an NBC-DFW news article. They say, 

“Since D-FW is lacking in mountains and oceans, Dallas’ Perot was chosen for its lighting and interesting backdrop that Louis Vuitton seeks.

The sun will be the guest of honor in the Cruise 2023 collection, playing an active part in the evolution of this wardrobe where changes in temperature set a stylistic tempo, according to Louis Vuitton

Attendance at the Louis Vuitton morning and afternoon events is expected to be 200 people at each. The shows will be in the lobby, which is surrounded by windows. Louis Vuitton’s set decor will incorporate the exact color of the concrete in the museum.”

Accordingly, the event will be featuring an invite-only type of accommodation in favor of their long-time clients, press and influencers.