Mackenzi Scott’s Donation

Forth communities will be receiving a huge donation from Mackenzie Scott as she furthers the promotion of student and family welfare according to a Dallas Morning News article from February 3. They say, 

“Communities In Schools of Southeast Texas announced Thursday they received a gift of $1.5 million from novelist and philanthropist, Mackenzie Scott. 

Forty Communities In Schools affiliates within the network, along with the CIS National Office received an approximate total of $133.5 million, according to a news release from CIS.

The nonprofit also coordinates with schools and local service providers to meet the needs of students and families, as well as providing critical resources, like food, healthcare, counseling, access to remote technology and more so that students and educators can focus on academics.”

Officials from the sides were both delighted to have processed Scott’s donation according to a 12 News article from February 3. In it they say, 

“Ann Pape Wilson, the CEO of Communities in Schools of North Texas called Scott’s gift transformative.

“We hold fast to the promise that education is the key to transformed lives,” Pape Wilson said in a statement. “This gift ensures the stability of our work and the fulfillment of our mission and our promise to students across North Texas.”

Rey Saldaña, the president and CEO of CIS, said the call alerting him of Scott’s donation “came out of nowhere,” during an interview on CBS Mornings. The donation is unrestricted, meaning the nonprofit has flexibility on how to spend the funds, he said.

“What this allows us to do is to really — as our name says — bring a community of support inside our schools to empower students to not just graduate from school but achieve in life,” Saldaña said. “Some of those barriers for students who have lost a caretaker, whose family member may have lost a job, creating instability — those are problems that sometimes surface in schools in outbursts or students who have their heads down.”

Mackenzie Scott has already made more than $8 billion donation towards communities and organizations, especially those involving education.