Medical City Frisco’s Patient Tower

The schedule of opening of the long-awaited patient tower for Medical City Frisco which took off earlier this year has been released according to a Community Impact article from October 4 which observe, 

“Medical City Frisco’s new patient tower is on schedule to be completed by December 2022.

Investments include expansion and improvements to existing hospitals, new trauma services, oncology, behavioral health care, upgraded technology, and the purchase and construction of new facilities for patients and staff.”

The $91 million dollars will be utilized to build a state of the art medical tower according to a Local Profile article from March 4. In it they report, 

The new patient tower will be two stories high and 118,481 square feet. It will add 36 patient beds to give the facility a total of 97. MCF is part of Medical City Healthcare’s over $1.1 billion initiative to expand, improve and add technology to its hospitals. 

The tower will also include a “healing environment,” comfortable amenities, 300 parking spaces, and sizable waiting areas and patient rooms.

However, the ongoing construction of the tower is only a part of the bigger initiative which is a $1.1 billion project that will be developed for the next five years for the overall improvement of the healthcare system.