Mici Italian opening its first Texas location

Italian restaurants have been popping up recently around Texas and one of them is Mici Italian whose owner is more than excited to bring this Italian kitchen to the spotlight according to a Fast Casual article from May 31. They say, 

“Mici Italian will open its first Texas store, in Frisco, in early July. The unit is owned and operated by franchisee Carlos Smith, who has plans to develop about a dozen locations in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metropolitan area, according to a press release.

“I saw the opportunity for growth with the company and decided to bring it to Dallas, where I think it’s going to do extremely well,” Smith said in the release. “We’re looking to open our second location in late November or December of this year, and then our third one by July of 2023. Within the next five years, we hope to open up another 10 to 15.”

“He is really jumping in with both feet and has an energy level and passion for taking care of people, whether that’s employees or customers,” Co-Founder Jeff Miceli said in the release. “We’re over the moon to have him, and we’re really excited to support him and take off from here.”

What sets Mici Italian apart from other Italian restaurants in Texas is their specialized menu that not only features Italian food but also features the fast service as seen from fast foods according to a CultureMap Dallas article from May 26 which reports, 

“Their streamlined operation offers comforting, classic Italian fare steeped in family history, but prepared quickly, with minimal wait and delivery times thanks to high-efficiency kitchen operations.

Pizzas come in 10- or 16-inch sizes, some with red sauce, some with olive oil. They include classics such as pepperoni, Margherita, cheese, and a “Molte Carne” with pepperoni, family-recipe sausage, and hand-rolled meatballs.

Eight pastas include:

  1. spaghetti & meatball
  2. lasagna
  3. Cortonese with penne and Tuscan meat sauce
  4. alfedo with bowtie pasta
  5. Rosa with penne pasta and Rosalie’s marinara
  6. creamy pesto
  7. tortellini alla Miceli with prosciutto and peas

There are salads including Caesar and a house salad with mixed greens, gorgonzola, red grapes, and candied walnuts; and an antipasta with deli meats, artichokes, and roasted red peppers.

Wine is old-school, either red or white, and their beer selection includes Italian label Peroni.”

Apart from these menu options and their streamlined service, they will also be focusing on the hospitality and family-friendly atmosphere for their customers. They emphasized that these will enable them to become a big shot in Frisco.