New Birdcall Restaurants Coming to North Texas

Birdcall has opened its first Texas location in Carrollton and plans to open two more in Frisco and Richardson, according to a CW33 article. They say,

“After opening its first location in Carrollton at 3232 E Hebron Pkwy on Monday, January 30th, Birdcall will open two more locations in Frisco and Richardson this year.

The Frisco location is scheduled to open on 5350 Preston Rd. by the end of the summer. While the Richarson location will open in the fall on 507 West Belt Line Rd, according to Maddie Stephens, a Birdcall spokesperson.

“Bringing Birdcall to Texas felt like a natural next step,” said Mark Lohmann, CEO of Birdcall. “Texans are proud foodies, and we know they appreciate a well-made, quality chicken sandwich.””

Birdcall’s menu offers chicken sandwiches, salads, chicken tenders and nuggets, including a vegetarian option, with gluten-free buns available, according to a Dallas Morning News article. They say,

“Birdcall’s menu includes seven chicken sandwiches such as Nashville hot, Buffalo, “original” crispy with pickles, and “Southern” with pimento cheese and coleslaw. Birdcall sells one vegetarian sandwich, five salads, and chicken tenders and nuggets.

All sandwiches can be made with grilled chicken instead of fried and come with the option of a gluten-free bun.”

Birdcall, originating in Denver, plans to open standalone restaurants in Texas, including Carrollton, Frisco, and Richardson locations in 2023.