New Drive In Restaurant Project Pollo Comes to Dallas

Project Pollo specializing in a drive through restaurant opens in Dallas to serve vegetarian food according to a Dallas Morning News article from March 7. They say, 

“A drive-through restaurant named Project Pollo has zoomed onto Dallas’ Greenville Avenue.

The founder aims to replace consumers’ fast-food cravings with an equally fast spot. But they don’t call it fast food.

“We call it convenient consumption,” Bradbury says. “Fast food has a bad stigma because it’s also labeled as unhealthy — bad for the environment, bad for you. … We’re trying to be fast-casual with real, curated menu items that are made from scratch that you can get through a drive-through.”

“We don’t position ourselves as a vegan brand or vegan company,” Bradbury says. “We position ourselves as a company that just so happens to serve food made from plants.”

Their food  though consisting mostly of vegetarian food are everything but bold and original according to a CultureMap Dallas article from February 28 which reports,

“Project Pollo inspires passion because its food is a persuasive and affordable knockoff of regular fast-food, with lush bold flavors you’d expect from a regular fried chicken sandwich or burger.

Fried “chicken-less” sandwiches are their trademark, such as the Spicy Project, featuring breaded fried chikn with spicy garlic Buffalo sauce and ranch, served with a pickled jalapeño. They make their own vegan chicken using a proprietary blend of textured soy and vegetable protein.

The chicken also stars in a Caesar wrap and in nachos, with tortilla chips made in-house topped with crispy chikn, red onion, jalapeños, queso from Credo Foods, and a cilantro lime crema.

Everything, even their mac & cheese, made with vegan cashew-based cheese, is plant-based, although a significant percentage of their customers also eat meat.”

While most vegetarian restaurants are quite expensive because of their uniqueness and special ingredients, Project Pollo boasts a much cheaper selection of menu compared to other restaurants offering meatless menu.