New Sushi Bar in Dallas

A sushi bar dedicated in an Omakase is set to serve fish from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market to Dallas according to a Dallas Morning News article. They say, 

“Kinzo Sushi’s co-owner and executive chef is Leo Kekoa, a former Nobu Dallas chef who has more than 15 years of experience working in sushi restaurants, first in Hawaii, where he was born, and later in South Korea.

Kinzo, which means “neighborhood,” sources about 85% of its fish from Tokyo’s well-known Toyosu Market. Twenty-two bar seats give view to Kekoa and his team preparing Edomae-style sushi, a traditional approach that involves punctiliously pre-treating raw fish with vinegars, sauces, sea salts, and sometimes, a quick boil or blow torching — anything that emphasizes the fundamental taste of the fish, using Japanese ingredients when possible.

Omakase, a multi-course tasting menu chosen by the chef, isn’t common in Frisco, but it’s been increasing in popularity — and price — over the past couple of years.

But aside from Omakase, Kinzo Sushi’s menu will also have a la carte temaki and cold combinations as well. Some of these include, 

  • Bluefin Spicy Tuna
  • Madai
  • Muki Hotate
  • Snow Grab
  • Negitoro
  • Hamachi-Chili
  • Hirame-Garlic Truffle
  • Maguro-Yuzo miso
  • Ankimo-Kyuri
  • Tai-Ringo
  • Kanpach-Shitake

Despite sourcing directly from Tokyo, Kinzo Sushi’s Omakase and a la carte temaki will not be as pricey as others but instead will just be fair and reasonable.