Off-Duty Dallas Firefighter Receives Recognition

Captain Bret Storck has been honored by the Frisco Fire Department after saving a person from a burning vehicle according to a Star Local Media article from September 9,  

“The Frisco Fire Department was alerted to a crash that occurred at 7:57 a.m. Sept. 3 on Eldorado Parkway east of Independence Parkway, a Thursday press release from the department stated. The first unit arrived at the scene at 8:01 a.m.

All units were told that a person was still in the vehicle, the department stated. When fire units arrived on scene, they found the vehicle “fully involved with fire” and the victim out of the vehicle.

The passerby, Bret Storck, an off-duty captain with Dallas Fire-Rescue, initially tried to render aid to the unconscious person but then removed them from the vehicle when he saw it ignite.”

Additional information regarding the incident was reported in a Dallas Morning News article from September 9. 

“The driver was taken to a local hospital. Keith Gall, a Frisco Fire Department spokesman, said the driver was in stable condition on Friday. No one else was in the vehicle, he said.”

The Frisco Fire Department released its statement in praise of Captain Storck which was published in a Frisco Enterprise article,

“The Frisco Fire Department is grateful that Captain Storck was there. His actions were instrumental in saving the patient from this vehicle accident that turned into a fire,” said Frisco FD.

Aside from the Frisco Fire Department, many people also expressed their praise and gratitude for the captain’s actions in a Facebook post from September 10. One man said,

“Hats off Captain.”

One woman said, 

“Job well done, sir!”

Captain Storck’s actions are indeed amazing and commendable! Not only is he a perfect example of restoring our faith in humanity but also a “testament to everyday heroes” as the Frisco Fire Department has perfectly put it.  

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