One of the Top 50 Pizza is on Dallas

Dalla’s pizzeria Partenope Pizza landed the 17th spot on the top 50 pizza places in the whole country according to a CW33 article from July 1 which reports, 

“Well, well, well, as if you didn’t need another reason to regard Dallas as one of the top food cities in the country, this pizza publication has released its guide to the best pizzerias in the USA for 2022 and of course, Dallas made it alongside Austin and San Antonio.

Everyone loves pizza and 50 Top Pizza has released its list of the top 50 pizzerias in the USA. California and New York have made a heavy mark with plenty of their cities being represented. The Lone Star State has made its mark too with three city restaurants making the list.

Representing Dallas at the No. 17 spot is Partenope Ristorante! Here’s what 50 Top Pizza had to say about the restaurant, “With a corner entrance, the place is elegant and modern. Dino Santonicola, owner and cook, carries on his project of running a typical southern-Italian style restaurant that has a clear Neapolitan imprint, especially thanks to the perfectly-executed classic pizzas. In addition to the margherita, there is a wide range of choices which includes the calzone. There is also no shortage of salads, fried foods, and pasta, all in true Italian style. The beer list is small. The service is excellent.”

Of course, Partenope Pizza expressed their delight and honor to be placed in the Top 50 Pizzas in the country as they put an emphasis on their focus on service, operation and philosophy according to an NBC 5 DFW article from July 4. They say, 

“It’s extremely validating knowing what we’re doing is inline with what people are wanting and we’re getting rewarded for it,” said manager Jake Burlingame. “We are a certified Neapolitan restaurant which means we have strict rules on how we treat our ingredients and what ingredients we can use. And that’s using the best flour we can find from Italy and import it, the closest produce we can find, extremely fresh ingredients and making everything by hand.”

“This is authentically Italian as we can make it. Every detail is thought of; the placement of the decorations, where we get them from, where we get our plates from. Most of our plates and bowls are made in Italy as well. From top to bottom, floor to ceiling, it’s well thought out and put together,” Burlingame said.

When it comes to the pizza, it “must be, above all, good and digestible regardless of the style adopted by the pizzeria. There is a further evaluation that takes into consideration how the different elements have been combined. The quality of the products used is important and decisive.”

“A smile and genuine kindness” from the staff are important in the area of service.

At the 32nd spot, San Antonio’s II Forno was chosen for their homemade cold cuts and its wood-fired oven. Meanwhile, Austin’s Bufalina Due was placed at the 39th spot for their special and mouth-melting dough.