Parisian Bistro Opens in Frisco

Plano resident and restaurateur Mondi Tag is opening La Parisienne French Bistro at The Star in Frisco, designed to feel like a chic cafe in Paris, according to a Dallas Morning News article which says, 

“A Plano resident who is both an attorney and a restaurateur plans to open a French restaurant named La Parisienne French Bistro at The Star in Frisco in spring 2023.

Mondi Tag’s new restaurant will be open for lunch, dinner and brunch and is designed to feel like “a chic cafe in Paris,” she says in a prepared statement. Tag hopes it’ll be a spot for baby showers, girls’ nights, tea parties and other events. Tag has added an afternoon tea menu for $55 per person.”

Executive chef Ozzy Samano, previously at Nick and Sam’s and Bob’s Steakhouse, developed the menu. He filed a lawsuit against his former employer for racist practices, according to an Eater Dallas article. They say,

“The menu was developed by executive chef Ozzy Samano, who has worked in steakhouses including Nick and Sam’s and Bob’s Steakhouse and was one of two employees to file a lawsuit against his former employer Vandelay Hospitality Group in 2021 for racist hiring and firing practices. Samano was the group’s corporate chef and worked at the original East Hampton Sandwich Co., Hudson House, Drake’s Hollywood, and Lucky’s Hot Chicken. He was most recently at Dahlia Bar and Bistro.”

La Parisienne French Bistro, opening in Frisco on March 13, 2023, will feature a menu of classic French dishes, from quiche to coq au vin, in a chic Parisian-inspired setting with Tiffany blue accents and chandeliers.